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Glue Spreader


Glue Spreader

Four Roller Glue Spreader Machine is a heavy duty and high quality precision machine used in all plywood manufacturing Industries.

  • Applications


  • Applications


Features Of Glue Spreader

  • Solid and Large diameter of Rubber Rollers will ensure uniform application of the glue on the entire surface of the veneer.
  • Torsion-resistance base frame provides maximum rigidity for continuous high speed operation.
  • Heavy duty pillow block with sealed ball bearing will give protection against water and facilitate cleaning and maintenance of the m/c.
  • The special design arrangement will allow fast changing of the top and bottom Rubber Rollers for maintenance.
  • Thick rubber covering made of high quality and wear resisting rubber will ensure long serve with uniform coating of Glue

Specification For Glue Spreader

Parameters GS/1250 GS/1000
Maximum Passing Height 55 mm. 55 mm.
Nominal Length of Rubber Roller 1350 mm. 1100 mm.
Coating Width 1250 mm. 1000 mm.
Driving Motor (1400 RPM) 3 HP 2 HP

Specifications subject to change | Tailor made equipment available on request